Embracing Technology for Positive Change in Education

Phyllis Kong blogs (rafiki-kidogo.blogspot.com) and tweets (@Rafikionline) for online learning communities Rafi.ki & Kidogo, backed by educational charity Gemin-i.  She is interested in the way education technology can be used to create positive change. 

Nowadays, we take information communication and technology (ICT) for granted, something we cannot live without. Compared to the past few decades, one of the greatest changes in the lives of young people has been the emergence of ICT. Children are increasingly embracing the tools of ICT, such as the Internet and technological gadgets, at a younger age. Recognising these changes, many educators started to invest in education technology. Yet, globally not all classrooms today reflect those changes.

It is widely recognised that the development of technology brings young people a wealth of opportunities to learn and interact globally. The Internet, in particular, provides young people with a platform on which they can engage with issues, and participate in producing and disseminating knowledge. It gives them a channel to speak, to voice out their opinions and to be heard by people from other parts of the world.

In order to reflect these positive changes, the rise of ICT underlies a revolution in education. It is necessary to transform education and bring ICT to the world of work and lives of young people. Schools, which remain the primary resource for learning, therefore play a crucial role in adapting to the change and instilling understanding of ICT in young people.

Children and young people are the workforce of tomorrow. It is vital therefore to entrench in them a knowledge and understanding of today and to let them go further in the future. It is believed that these skills will be the hallmark of the future, knowledge-based economy.

In this context, we recognise the power of technology in education. We do not intend to transform the way that education is delivered nor replace traditional teaching and learning methodologies, but to integrate ICT into the school curriculum. As a result, we are dedicated to providing young people a safe online learning community to interact and discuss global issues.

Most importantly, we believe that the prevailing change is not only about utilising ICT, but also about adapting to changes in future education.


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