#BettChat archive 2nd October 2012

(All these tweets took place between 4pm and 5pm (BST) on Tuesday 2nd October 2012)

Bett‏  @Bett_show

Hello & welcome to the first 2013 #BettChat! Why not start by introducing yourselves, where you’re from and why you’re interested in Bett?

Herff Jones|Nystrom‏  @HJNystrom

@Bett_show Hi #BettChat! This is Kirsta for HJN & we are exhibiting for the 2nd yr & are VERY excited! Check out http://www.stratalogica.com

Life Lara‏  @reallara

I’m Lara, Education Development Consultant for @uniservity As well as the company bit I enjoy sharing ideas with other teachers #BettChat

eInstructionApacEmea‏  @eInstruction_uk

We love Bett because it brings people together. Sharing of best practice is vital, whether globally or with the school next door! #BettChat

Promethean Planet‏  @planet_tweets

Here at Promethean, BETT is one of our annual highlights – we get to meet inspiring teachers & share our latest #edtech solutions! #BettChat

The Whizz Prof‏  @WhizzProf

@Bett_show Hello!!This is Madeleine from Maths-Whizz and we are really looking forward to Bett 2013.The new venue looks great too #BettChat

Rich Mansfield‏  @MansfieldRich

I am the Digital Executive @frogtrade and it will be my 2nd #BETT_show ,looking forward to the feedback about our new product #BETTChat

Smoothwall‏  @Smoothwall

#BettChat. Hello I am Sarah from @Smoothwall. @Bett_Show we hope to learn more about people’s experiences of using technology securely.

Life Lara  @reallara

@eInstruction_uk Absolutely. Helping teachers get a good balance of ideas & inspiration as well as promoting product is essential #BettChat

Animate It!‏  @AnimateEducate

We love talking all things animation! #BettChat

Life Lara‏  @reallara

Interesting to see whether BETT gets a different audience with change of venue – more accessible for the East but less the West? #BettChat

Clair Blakeway‏  @clairbway

I just started at @ClassrmMonitor and this will be my first Bett! Am organising our stand, learn live show and marketing #BettChat

Ergo Computing‏  @ergocomputing

New Ideas. New Technology. New Visions. All a talking point and always changing. Looking forward to the discussion at #BETT2013 #BettChat

Friends IT‏  @FriendsIT_UK

FriendsIT (Wales) We’re dedicated to getting the UK Online by providing affordable IT equipment- Especially for Schools & Students #BettChat

Life Lara‏  @reallara

@clairbway That’ll keep you busy! Loved @classrmmonitor when I was teaching #BettChat

Life Lara‏  @reallara

I’m looking forward to being less overwhelmed – had only been out of the classroom for less than a week at BETT last year! #BettChat

Zu3D animation‏  @Zu3D

We love BETT because we can show people how fun learning can be, as anyone who saw our giant giraffe this year will know! #BETTchat

Life Lara  ‏@reallara

Also really looking forward to meeting members of the @lifeisabout User Community in real life! #BettChat

LCF Clubs‏  @lcfclub

hello #BettChat from @lcfclub – excited about exhibiting this year & looking at all the new technology that makes education fun & engaging

Vocab Express‏  @vocabexpress

With all the changes taking place in education, we look forward to Bett as a place to chat about these with others & share ideas! #BettChat

eInstructionApacEmea ‏ @eInstruction_uk

@reallara: We are glad you agree! Providing advice and ideas to help make life that little bit easier for educators is crucial! #BettChat

Stinky Ink‏  @stinky_ink

@Bett_show Hello! I’m Roy the Supplies Specialist @Stinky_ink Looking forward to meeting everyone at #Bett_show hope to chat soon #BETTChat

Serh@t Gürgün  ‏@serhatgurgun

#BettChat From Turkey. I am coming this year. Hope to see you.

Serco E & L  ‏@Serco_Education

@BETT_Show is always a great start to the New Year – can’t wait to see how the show evolves with new venue and date! #BETTChat

Zu3D animation‏  @Zu3D

@lcfclub you should come and see us at BETT and have a play at using animation to teach languages #BETTchat

HackneyNewSchool‏  @HackneySchool

#BettChat we’re coming to see what’s new in the classroom especially for music at our new free school

Rich Mansfield‏  @MansfieldRich

Be good to hear from some #teachers in #BettChat – what they are aiming to get out of this year’s event? #frogcommunity

Life Lara‏  @reallara

The later date means I get to be in panto in January as well as BETT… Oh yes it does! #BettChat

TOPdesk UK  ‏@TOPdesk_UK

#BettChat Looking forward to another great show! #servicemanagement

The Whizz Prof  ‏@WhizzProf

@reallara Hi Lara, I think the change of venue is a good thing! ExCeL is so impressive -visitors will love it! #BettChat  #Fingerscrossed 🙂

Life Lara‏  @reallara

@WhizzProf Loving your optimism! Yes, maybe the new venue may even attract back visitors who’ve given it a miss in recent years? #BettChat

Life Lara‏  @reallara

@MansfieldRich Definitely. Guess many won’t have time to join us at the mo – this time last year I would be just finishing Choir! #BettChat

Rich Mansfield  ‏@MansfieldRich

@reallara that is true especially so early in the new school year, very busy time #BettChat

The Whizz Prof‏  @WhizzProf

@reallara Ha ha!! Hopefully it will Lara! Maybe this year’s attendance set new records! #BettChat 🙂

Promethean Planet‏  @planet_tweets

Who else is hoping the new venue will be cooler than Olympia? Carrying around a supply of cold water was essential! #BettChat

Life Lara  ‏@reallara

Also looking forward to Teachmeet + Takeover – great to be inspired by educators around the country. Am looking forward to a lot! #BettChat

Life Lara‏  @reallara

@planet_tweets Oh yes! But maybe less chilly on the Tuesday for set up too… #wanteverything #BettChat

Chris Scarth  ‏@chrisscarth

@reallara is there a teachmeet takeover web page yet? Was great hosting them on the @ClassrmMonitor stand last year? #BettChat

Smoothwall  ‏@Smoothwall

Good to see the @Bett_Workplace community taking shape too. Do you work in #L&D? What do you want from the event?#BettChat

Life Lara‏  @reallara

How do we make the best of BETT for our companies when schools’ ever decreasing budgets mean that many only use the show for CPD #BettChat

Life Lara‏  @reallara

@chrisscarth Had a look not too long ago and all was quiet on the BETT Teachmeet/Takeover front… A bit early maybe? #BettChat

Bett‏  @Bett_show

@reallara Interestingly @besatweet research found that schools are assigning an increasing amount of their budgets to technology! #BettChat

Life Lara‏  @reallara

Building relationships and showing how we add value need to be at the heart of our strategies? #BettChat

Life Lara‏  @reallara

@Bett_show That’s good to hear. I know that wasn’t the case in our school, especially in the change to develolved capital #BettChat

Boardworks‏  @BoardworksLtd

Can’t believe it’s almost BETT 2013 – doesn’t seem long since the last one! #BETTChat

Bryan Plumb‏  @BryanPlumb

@Bett_show @reallara We found last year most vstrs attended w checklist of companies/types of tech to see, rather than just peruse #bettchat

Bryan Plumb‏  @BryanPlumb

@reallara @Bett_show http://www.bee-it.co.uk/blogslink/864-new-research-reveals-schools-increased-technology-expenditure.html <- BESA findings into #edtech spending #bettchat

Life Lara‏  @reallara

@Bett_show Although perhaps were looking at main budget, which might be likely to show an increase to compensate for the DC loss? #BettChat

Life Lara‏  @reallara

@BryanPlumb Yes – I think most visitors (especially experienced ones) know that’s the best way to make the most of the day #BettChat

Firefly Solutions‏  @fireflyteam

Hi @Bett_show! We’re Firefly – we do learning platforms, intranets and websites. Looking forward to a bigger better BETT in 2013! #BettChat

Life Lara  ‏@reallara

@BryanPlumb Thanks for link 🙂 Difficult to tell from that whether main budget or whol budget. Must dig deeper! #BettChat

Bryan Plumb‏  @BryanPlumb

@reallara Np. Unfortunately it is never that straightforward! 😉 #bettchat

Rich Mansfield‏  @MansfieldRich

By 2014 – half of all schools anticipate more than 50% pupil-time will be exposed to teaching and learning through technology #BettChat

The Whizz Prof‏  @WhizzProf

@BryanPlumb Thanks for posting the link Bryan..an interesting read! 😉 #BettChat

Life Lara‏  @reallara

#BettChat is nearly over. Great if any teachers could spare 5 mins to share what they’re hoping to get out of BETT – we’ll try to deliver!

Promethean Planet‏  @planet_tweets

What do you think will be this year’s star attractions? We’re looking forward to the tech, but also excited to see @ProfBrianCox! #BettChat

Life Lara‏  @reallara

@MansfieldRich Many schools are already at that level of ‘exposure’ – the focus needs to continue to be on engagement through tech #BettChat

Chris Scarth  ‏@chrisscarth

@reallara thought might be too early. not even going for the 1st time in 10 years (1st time fatherhood possibly more important!) #bettchat

Life Lara‏  @reallara

@planet_tweets Especially if he sings… I’m all for more singing at BETT! #musicteacheratheart #BettChat

Life Lara ‏ @reallara

@chrisscarth I think you’ve got your priorities right there (and am sure your family agree!) #BettChat

Bryan Plumb‏  @BryanPlumb

@planet_tweets Always enjoy the social side of #BETT, Teachmeets are always a good bit of fun! #BETTChat

Bryan Plumb  ‏@BryanPlumb

@chrisscarth @reallara Hmm…I reckon you’re slacking Chris. 😉 Congrats mate. #BETTChat

Life Lara‏  @reallara

RT @planet_tweets: A Teachmeet with Brain Cox providing the entertainment, now that would be something! < this must happen!! #BettChat

Bett‏  @Bett_show

The hour is up! Thanks for taking part in #BettChat – remember to tweet @Bett_Show to suggest next week’s topic!

Bryan Plumb  ‏@BryanPlumb

@chrisscarth @reallara Absolutely agree with this. Many companies we spoke to last year had same thoughts. #BettChat

Zu3D animation  ‏@Zu3D

Goodness, #BETTchat went quickly. Looking forward to next week!

The Whizz Prof‏  @WhizzProf

@planet_tweets So excited to see @ProfBrianCox too!We hope to have a special guest attending-watch this space for confirmation! 🙂 #BettChat

Promethean Planet‏  @planet_tweets

@WhizzProf Sounds intriguing! 😉 #BettChat

Life Lara  ‏@reallara

@planet_tweets @WhizzProf Absolutely… Please tell me there will be singing involved?!! #BettChat

Promethean Planet‏  @planet_tweets

@reallara @WhizzProf Perhaps we need to think of an excuse to get @GarethMalone in attendance! #BettChat


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