#BettChat archive 16th October 2012

(All these tweets took place between 4pm and 5pm on Tuesday 16th October 2012)

Bett‏  @Bett_show

Welcome to #BettChat everyone – today’s topic: top tips for an enjoyable #Bett_Show! Who wants to share some gems first?

Smoothwall‏  @Smoothwall

Re tips for an enjoyable #Bett_Show. Register for the Bett Exhibitor Open Day on the 7th November at Excel #BettChat.

LapSafe Products‏  @LapSafe

Our top tip for an enjoyable @Bett_show? Wear comfy shoes! #Bettchat

Stinky Ink  ‏@stinky_ink

@Sallyb_w Its also our first @Bett_show too and we are really looking forward to it! #BettChat

Smoothwall‏  @Smoothwall

A great opportunity to meet the Bett team, familiarise yourself with the new venue. #BettChat

Boardworks  ‏@BoardworksLtd

#BETTchat is on now! I hope we’ll be seeing you all in January?

Capita SIMS  ‏@CapitaSIMS

Tips for a great @Bett_show, wear comfy shoes and change them half way through the day, get some fresh air and drink water #BETTChat

Smoothwall  ‏@Smoothwall

Decide what you want to get out of the exhibition & create a timetable & allocate certain parts of the day for certain priorities.#BettChat

Technogym‏  @Technogym

We’ll demo ways to get students into active learning, so be ready to get active! Seconding the #tip for comfy clothes & shoes 🙂 #BettChat

Frog‏  @frogtrade

#bettchat. You’ll have a lot to get round on the day so save time and hassle by pre-registering!

Technogym‏  @Technogym

RT @smoothwall: Decide what you want to get out of the exhibition, create a timetable & allocate parts of the day for priorities. #BettChat

Claire Ashton‏  @ClaireAshton

As a teacher, I found arriving two hours before it closed on Saturday worked best, quiet and easy to get about, need a focus too! #BETTChat

Clip Display Ltd‏  @clipltd

From and exhibitor POV: Be open and creative to new ways of presenting your products/services, you need to be unique to stand out #BettChat

Smoothwall‏  @Smoothwall

For exhibitors: Before the event use your website and social networks to let customers know you’re going to be there! #BettChat

Frog‏  @frogtrade

Don’t forget to to pick a nice big sturdy bag to collect all your goodies – the Frog bags are always a popular choice 😉 #BETTChat

Frog‏  @frogtrade

Everyone keeps saying comfy shoes, what’s the health and safety implications of slippers?? #BETTChat?

Capita SIMS‏  @CapitaSIMS

Give people a reason to visit your stand, and not just the freebies! Communicate this before hand to create interest #BETTChat

Bryan Plumb‏  @BryanPlumb

Have an idea what you’d like to see, but wander away from your plans too & be ready to be amazed at some of the lesser known tech #bettchat

Clip Display Ltd‏  @clipltd

Take a look at our apps and advice for some top tips on getting the most out of exhibiting http://www.clipdisplay.com/apps-and-advice #BETTChat

Joanne White‏  @jolwhite

Make sure you carry a bottle of water as you’ll be chatting lots …and some mints 🙂 #bettchat

Smoothwall‏  @Smoothwall

Good one @jolwhite, and make sure you don’t have garlic the night before! #BettChat

Frog‏  @frogtrade

Great tip @BryanPlumb – you definitely need to plan but its always good when you come across something new! #BETTChat

Bett‏  @Bett_show

Some great tips! We would love to hear what is your usual highlight of #Bett_Show? #BettChat

Mango Marketing‏  @Mango_Marketing

For pre-planning don’t forget the stand package includes Mango’s Bett PR support. Email bettpr@mangomarketing.com with any queries #bettchat

Capita SIMS‏  @CapitaSIMS

Think about how to maintain staff motivation, do all of them need to be there all day, four days too much? How can you reward them #BETTChat

Bryan Plumb‏  @BryanPlumb

@Bett_show Putting my feet up with a brew on Sunday? #BettChat  ;o)

ip Display Ltd‏  @clipltd

@CapitaSIMS Great advice! The most successful exhibitors are the ones who send out a pre show marketing message #BETTChat

InfoMentor UK  @infomentoruk

After a tiring day walking around the #BettShow you’ll need refreshment, join our reception at the end of each day at our stand 🙂 #BettChat

WebBased‏  @WebBasedLtd

Check out who’s exhibiting & what you’re interested in seeing beforehand by looking at the online profiles on the Bett website! #BETTChat

selectec‏  @selectec

@Bett_show comfy shoes! #BettChat

Crestron UK ‏  @CrestronUK

#BETTchat With so many exhibitors make sure you plan your time. Visit us (B274) to see how technology can enhance the learning experience

Claire Ashton‏  @ClaireAshton

Highlights for me are spending time with so many colleagues, it’s rare for so many from across the business to get together #BETTChat

Loxit Ltd‏  @loxitltd

Highlight for Bett 2012 had to be the Teachmeet take overs on various stands, superb insight into #edtech and its application #BETTChat

InfoMentor UK  ‏@infomentoruk

#BETTChat Keep a kit of useful items eg screen wipes, stationery & bottled water on your stand to keep your stand & staff running smoothly!

Joanne White‏  @jolwhite

tip for exhibitors.. always smile even on at 3.55 on day 4, visitors do your research before it’s huge and there’s so much to see! #bettchat

Econocom UK‏  @Econocom_UK

@Bett_show You need to have with a clear message for everyone. And maybe try and be different to attract visitors #BettChat #Bett_Show

Claire Ashton‏  @ClaireAshton

For visitors, if you have a specific person or company to speak to, arrange an appointment as they’ll be busy #BETTChat

Pete Johnson‏  @Peter_Porpoise

Do not ever ever ever buy new shoes for @bett_show #BettChat #bitterexperience #blisters

Claire Ashton‏  @ClaireAshton

Again for visitors, we have free coffee vouchers on our stand… others likely do too #BETTChat

Peter   @ClickViewPeter

#bettchat Enjoy the new venue and remember the excellent Olympics!

Smoothwall‏  @Smoothwall

#Bett_show is great opportunity for us to catch up with our existing customers, and demo our solutions to other education users #BettChat

Frog  ‏@frogtrade

The most important thing is – enjoy it! It’s like Christmas for our staff – we love BETT #bettchat

Claire Ashton  ‏@ClaireAshton

@frogtrade We could test it next year, although slippers all day may not be such a good idea #BETTChat

TOPdesk UK‏  @TOPdesk_UK

#BettChat Universities get involved! http://www.unidesk.ac.uk #servicemanagement @BETT_show

Mango Marketing‏  @Mango_Marketing

@selectec @Bett_show – we agree! #Bettchat

Peter ‏  @ClickViewPeter

#bettchat turn up on the last not second week of January!

Mango Marketing‏  @Mango_Marketing

@Peter_Porpoise We second this! #feelyourpain #bettchat

ClickView UK  ‏@ClickViewUK

Our office team get to leave their desks for 4 days and meet our customers in person. It’s like going to the Oscars for them…! #bettchat

Claire Ashton‏  @ClaireAshton

It will be cold outside but may be warm inside! Olympia always was but new venue so who knows? Try to dress for all eventualities #BETTChat

Clip Display Ltd‏  @clipltd

@CapitaSIMS Great point & often not thought about! The staff on the stand are incredibly important for a successful event #BETTChat

Pete Johnson  ‏@Peter_Porpoise

make sure your stand build takes into account (lockable) space for coats and bags for your staff #bettchat

Pete Johnson‏  @Peter_Porpoise

be as pleasant to the person approaching at 3.59 on Saturday as you are to peeps on 1st day – they might just be from a MOE 🙂 #bettchat

Smoothwall‏  @Smoothwall

Plan your journey to the #Bett_Show in advance by using the travel guidehttp://www.excel-london.co.uk/visitors/interactivebigpicturemap … #BettChat

Clip Display Ltd‏  @clipltd

Do your sums and work out just what success looks like! Try our lead target calculator for exhibitors… http://www.clipdisplay.com/apps-and-advice/lead-target-calculator … #BETTChat

Mango Marketing  ‏@Mango_Marketing

Think about on-stand events to tempt visitors & don’t forget to use #Bett_Show (official hashtag, 1 tweet per second during show) #bettchat

Mango Marketing‏  @Mango_Marketing

Data pens are invaluable during busy times – have somebody qualify leads so you can follow up post-show for best ROI #bettchat

Clip Display Ltd‏  @clipltd

@Mango_Marketing Definitely! Download our free to use Lead Capture App to collect & rate leads: http://www.clipdisplay.com/apps-and-advice/lead-capture-app/ … #BETTChat

InfoMentor UK  ‏@infomentoruk

We believe that every school is different, visitors aren’t just leads. Capture conversations not just badge scans 🙂 #Bettchat

Serco E & L‏  @Serco_Education

Visitors and exhibitors should check out the @BETT_show arena – it looks very impressive and is right next to our stand #BettChat

Claire Ashton‏  @ClaireAshton

@infomentoruk We find we need paper too! Electronic ways of capturing interest are never enough, both together can work #BETTChat

Mango Marketing‏  @Mango_Marketing

Have a think about what you could give teachers visiting your stand that could make life easier – top tips, insight, research etc #bettchat

Mango Marketing‏  @Mango_Marketing

@ClaireAshton @infomentoruk We agree! Using them both together is the best way – follow up is better for everyone then! #Bettchat

Bryan Plumb‏  @BryanPlumb

@Mango_Marketing Or alternatively, one of these https://pbs.twimg.com/media/Ai5JRBzCQAAIlrQ.jpg:large … #bettchat

Capita SIMS  ‏@CapitaSIMS

One more tip, give school presenters name badges and explain exactly what BETT is like. They won’t be used to a transient audience #BETTChat

Capita SIMS‏  @CapitaSIMS

@clipltd Thanks! We familiarise colleagues with the presenters, try to engage with them all day with customers #BETTChat

Bett‏  @Bett_show

And #BettChat is over for another week – thanks everyone! Some great tips. Remember to tweet us your suggestions for next week’s topic!

Clip Display Ltd‏  @clipltd

Thanks @Bett_show! Best of luck to everyone taking part in #BETT_Show! We hope you have a great event #BETTChat

InfoMentor UK‏ @infomentoruk

Good luck to everyone exhibiting and to everyone visiting, have a fantastic time and we look forward to seeing you there #bettchat


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