#BettChat archive 20th November 2012

(All these tweets took place between 4pm and 5pm on Tuesday 20th November 2012)

Bett‏  @Bett_show

Welcome to today’s #BettChat. Today’s topic: The impact of technology on developing creativity in children. Any thoughts to kick us off?

LapSafe Products‏  @LapSafe

@Bett_show there’s many fantastic art related apps out there for tablets which encourage even children who think that cannot draw #BettChat

School Website‏  @schoolwebsite

Check out @bett_show for this week’s #BettChat topic: ‘The impact of technology on developing creativity in children’. As suggested by us!

Smoothwall‏  @Smoothwall

There are some fantastic resources, and examples of how these resources have been utilised to encourage creativity. #BettChat

Smoothwall‏  @Smoothwall

@LapSafe @Bett_show Great tweet! Kerpoof looks like a good app, and they have an art app. http://bit.ly/XZ4jwa #BettChat

Bett  ‏@Bett_show

#BettChat is on now! Have you seen any examples of students being creative using tech? #Bett_Show

Smoothwall  ‏@Smoothwall

Anyone have experience of using WebQuests? This article says they can help develop creative-thinking?http://bit.ly/saKf5 #Bettchat

Nick Praulins  ‏@NickPraulins

@Bett_show We use #ComicLife on iPads to create impromptu (and very creative!) narratives. #BettChat

eInstructionApacEmea‏  @eInstruction_uk

A lot of young people have a familiarity with technology that allows them to feel confident using it to express their creativity! #BettChat

Smoothwall  ‏@Smoothwall

There’s a Learn Live session @Bett_show covering creative art on mobile devices. Looks good! http://bit.ly/XxhR2P #BettChat

SkoogMusic‏  @SkoogMusic

#bettchat Some fantastic projects to inspire creativity through music: http://tinyurl.com/c5e9h7d #YMIEdinburgh @creativescots #bestpractice

The SLN2 Team‏  @SLN2Team

@Bett_show #bettchat Staffordshire just ran a science project with 40 schools collaboratively through our County Learning platform @RM_LP

WebBased‏ @WebBasedLtd

An interesting article published by the Daily Telegraph on The impact of technology on children’s creativity http://www.dailytelegraph.com.au/technology-put-kids-at-risk/story-fn6b3v4f-1226052774583 … #BettChat

Bett‏  @Bett_show

As well as creativity, what other core skills do you think using tech can help students develop? #BettChat

LapSafe Products  ‏@LapSafe

@Smoothwall @Bett_show we’ve not heard of that one, thank you for sharing the link it looks brilliant! #BettChat

XMA   ‏@XMAITSolutions

@Bett_show #bettchat – An interesting infographic about creativity being included in syllabus like maths and science http://bit.ly/T1vqAm

XMA ‏  @XMAITSolutions

@Bett_show #bettchat – there are definitely some ways technology can be integrated to support this

Zu3D animation‏  @Zu3D

@Bett_show Teachers have told us that animating particularly help in so many areas: team working, listening, language development. #BettChat

Zu3D animation‏  @Zu3D

@bett_show Here is just one example of creating an animation to reinforce learning http://ow.ly/frt5S Learning by stealth! #BettChat

Animate It!‏  @AnimateEducate

Sometimes tech can be the carrot needed to engage pupils who otherwise may not, such as scriptwriting = writing for a purpose #BettChat

Animate It!‏  @AnimateEducate

We’ve also seen tech give children the confidence to stand in front of a camera and speak when they wouldn’t normally contribute #BettChat

SkoogMusic‏  @SkoogMusic

#BETTchat @drakemusicscot New technology aiding young musicians in the cultural Olympiad 20×12 http://youtu.be/omCWAX9najY

The Whizz Prof‏  @WhizzProf

@Bett_show Teachers who regularly engage with technology can have an even bigger impact! Innovative teaching inspires students! #BettChat

Smoothwall‏  @Smoothwall

Some fantastic resources for supporting creative writing in the classroom. http://bit.ly/XwBF6l #Bettchat

Smoothwall‏  @Smoothwall

@LapSafe @Bett_show You’re welcome – we hope it comes in useful! #Bettchat

School Website‏  @schoolwebsite

@WebBasedLtd Very interesting point against technology! #BettChat

Zu3D animation‏  @Zu3D

RT @whizzprof Teachers who regularly engage w/ technology can have an even bigger impact! Innovative teaching inspires students! #BettChat

SkoogMusic‏  @SkoogMusic

#BETTchat I just know you’ve all seen this from Sir Ken Robinson, world-renowned education and creativity expert: http://youtu.be/zDZFcDGpL4U

Loxit‏  @loxitltd

#BettChat topic: The impact of technology on developing creativity in children. Just look at amazing blogging project via @DeputyMitchell

Bett‏  @Bett_show

Thanks to everyone who joined today’s #BettChat! We hope to see you all next week – remember to suggest a topic!


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