Education: A New Frontier

The world of education is evolving. Books and chalkboards no longer dominate the teacher’s toolkit, nor do students simply sit in the classroom and just listen to the teacher or professor, as they have been doing for decades. Instead, the 21st Century education model requires a different approach and while this will in turn lead to both challenges and new opportunities on a massive scale, it is safe to say that the sector as a whole will never be the same again.

I believe that a key driver behind this change is the rise of digital technology, with online research, collaboration via social media and flexible use of smart devices all on the up and in turn, changing the way in which we acquire knowledge. This is the essence of the learning process and this new found connectivity to the wider online world has led to a more digitally-savvy and knowledgeable younger generation, which knows few other ways to learn, or even communicate, than via a digital connection.

I have discussed this further in my blog post but I am interested to hear some of your opinions? Do you think that educational institutions are doing enough to ensure that their students receive the most up to date technology? If you are a teacher, how has your school responded to the ever changing landscape of education and technology?

Author: Kay Hooghoudt, Atos, who will be presenting his thoughts on the future of technology in education at Bett, on Thursday 31 January 2013, at 10.40-11.10 in the Platinum Suite.


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