Capturing children’s achievement with the press of a button

Nigel Canin, director of 2Simple Software discusses how mobile technology has provided teachers with an efficient and accurate way of recording children’s achievement.

“Teachers’ time is extremely precious and often scarce. They need the time to focus on what is really important, i.e., delivering creative and effective lessons.

“Recording and monitoring pupils’ progression is essential in the early years to ensure that pupils are developing within the Early Years Foundation

Nigel Canin

Nigel Canin

Stage (EYFS) framework.  Rather than keeping reams and reams of paperwork, outlining and tracking each pupil’s progress, there is of course software and applications specifically designed to make this process digital; reducing duplication and giving teachers tools to store pupil information accurately and securely”.

“A digital approach can really help reduce teachers’ workload and turn what can be a cumbersome process to some, into an easy and instantaneous exercise. Using 2Build a Profile for example, teachers are now able to take a photo of a pupil’s work and achievements and add to a cloud based student profile. Teachers can also add objectives based on a wealth of data, collected week on week and have a consistent approach to record-keeping.

“While monitoring and recording needs to be in line with national guidelines, it is still important that the technology a school chooses to implement, enables them to remain subjective and use their expert judgement to provide the necessary support to a child’s development. ICT tools have the ability to make certain teacher responsibilities easier and less time consuming.

“It’s important to remember that software and other ICT tools don’t create the perfect classroom but they can be used to highlight the great work that is already being done. Many teachers are using devices such as iPod touches and iPads in their daily lives and it is therefore the gentlest of learning curves to apply these same skills to recording pupil achievement. Having a method of recording key and ordinary learning moments with a single click can really motivate children; they will come running up to show the teacher what they’ve done so it can be captured. It is a positive reinforcement that they have done a good job.

“Of course with any new ICT system that comes in, teachers need to familiarise themselves with it and ensure it supports them in what they want to achieve. In my experience, the teachers I speak with are very open-minded to technology tools that can enhance and streamline activities they are already carrying out.”


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