#BettChat archive 22nd January 2013

Bett‏  @Bett_show

Welcome to #BettChat! Today’s topic: your peer tips and advice for new & familiar faces at #Bett_Show. Who wants to start?

Lucie Da Silva‏  @eSchools_Lucie

Literature vs photos, so many brochures are dumped outside and paper is heavy! #BETTChat

eInstructionApacEmea‏  @eInstruction_uk

#BettChat Wear the comfiest shoes you can find. Trust us, your feet will thank you at the end of a busy day (or 4!) #Bett_Show

russell dyas‏  @russdev

@bett_show Decide your focus and must visit stands before you go vrs wondering around the show #BETTChat

Vocab Express‏  @vocabexpress

With the scale of #Bett_Show, planning your visit in advance on the website can really help make the most of your day! #BettChat

Lucie Da Silva‏  @eSchools_Lucie

PLAN PLAN PLAN. It’s a big place…focus on why you are there and remember what you want to gain from your visit #bettchat

Lucie Da Silva  ‏@eSchools_Lucie

Wear layers, if ExCel is like Olympia…it gets pretty hot in there! Oh and take some deodorant 😉 #bettchat

Lucie Da Silva‏  @eSchools_Lucie

Bring your own sandwiches…or take out a loan in order to buy lunch… #bettchat

eInstructionApacEmea‏  @eInstruction_uk

Registering for your visitor pass in advance on the #Bett_Show website can also help you beat the morning door queues! #BettChat

BESA  @besatweet

@Bett_show #BettChat the BESA Information Point is the best place throughout the show to get any information you need – we’re here to help

BBC Worldwide’s Labs  ‏@BBCWLabs

#BETTChat: advice to get the most out the event – plan, stay focused & wear comfy shoes (passing this on to @kosuMobile @Flooved)

Lucie Da Silva‏  @eSchools_Lucie

Look out for your free coffee vouchers available through our partners #bettchat #eschools #workingtogetherforfreecaffeine

Advanced learning‏  @advlearning

If you want to attend any seminars make sure you book in advance so you don’t miss out #BETTChat

Karen Pernyes‏  @KarenPernyes

@Bett_show It’s bigger than you think. Don’t just turn up without planning or comfy shoes #BettChat

eInstructionApacEmea‏  @eInstruction_uk

We’ve heard talk of people adding their Twitter ID to the visitor passes – makes connecting with others after easier! #BettChat

WebBased‏  @WebBasedLtd

Check out the Bett profiles beforehand & use the new interactive floorplan to mark who you want to see & where you need to go #BettChat

Claire Ashton  ‏@ClaireAshton

#BettChat don’t collect brochures willy-nilly, you’ll end up with a very heavy bag you’re unlikely to look at again.

Bett‏  @Bett_show

We’d like to add make sure to follow the hashtag #Bett_Show as we will be tweeting news, events & offers throughout the show! #BettChat

BBC Worldwide’s Labs‏  @BBCWLabs

@eInstruction_uk Great idea! Adding Twitter ID to your visitor pass! #bettchat

Casio Projectors  ‏@CasioProjectors

@Bett_show Look out for our Casio stand at the show – new faces, you won’t be alone, we have some excited Bett-newcomers too! #BettChat

Claire Ashton‏  @ClaireAshton

Take your device and connect to the wi-fi. Many companies have gone electronic with their brochures/information using QR codes #BettChat

Claire Ashton‏  @ClaireAshton

Search out stand offers and competitions promoted on Twitter only! Find out company hash tags for the show before arriving #BettChat

Karen Pernyes‏  @KarenPernyes

#BettChat @ClaireAshton shoulderbag or rucksack at least – you’ll end up with stacks of paperwork however hard you try

Peter Mason‏  @ptrmsn

#BettChat Plan your visit in advance! I’ve shared my top tips over on the @PlanetSherston blog. http://bit.ly/USrMKb

WebBased‏  @WebBasedLtd

You’ll have a lot to get round on the day so save plenty of time by pre-registering for #Bett_Show https://form.n200.com/?s=2hfw51qqzv2p4&check=1 … #BettChat

Robyn Clark Rajab  ‏@clarkformaths

#BettChat #Bett_show all I want to know is how to survive the weather in England! It’s scaring me more than giving a talk.

Smoothwall  ‏@Smoothwall

Pre-register to save hassle http://bit.ly/OUQAA1 #Bettchat

Bett‏  @Bett_show

Don’t forget to download the new #Bett_Show app for an interactive schedule and directory of all there is to see! #BettChat

Lucie Da Silva‏  @eSchools_Lucie

@clarkformaths It’s shorts and flip flops weather over here currently so don’t worry 😉 #bettchat #britishweather

Kevin Brunton‏  @kbrunton1912

#BettChat Plan a route, don’t be afraid to say no and go to the next stand, bring water, get web addresses/download links and not brochures

Smoothwall‏  @Smoothwall

Make sure you pick up plenty of freebies! #Bettchat

Lucie Da Silva  ‏@eSchools_Lucie

Change your avatar to a proper pic and/or add your twitter name to your badge so we know who you are #bettchat

Lucie Da Silva‏  @eSchools_Lucie

Do your research! Lots of companies offer BETT discounts but check how much it is to make sure it’s a good deal! #bettchat

Lauren Pinney‏  @HPSMrsPinney

@hps We’d like to add make sure to follow the hashtag #Bett_Show as we will be tweeting news, events & offers throughout the show! #BettChat

russell dyas‏  @russdev

If doing more than one day then make sure get an oyster card for underground etc #bettChat

Bett‏  @Bett_show

@clarkformaths We are keeping our fingers crossed that the last of the snow will be gone by then! #BettChat

Zu3D animation‏  @Zu3D

Yes! And have some water & throat sweets if you’re an exhibitor RT @lapsafe: Our top tip for @Bett_show? Wear your comfiest shoes! #BettChat

Pora Ora Ed‏  @PoraOra

Best advice from an #edtech startup perspective – NETWORK! Chat & take emails (carry a stash of business cards!) #bettchat

Dave Coleman‏  @davecoleman146

RT @russdev: If doing more than one day then make sure get an oyster card for underground etc #bettChat <- Good advice

Bett‏  @Bett_show

Some fantastic #Bett_Show top tips so far in today’s #BettChat! Keep them coming!

Frog‏  @frogtrade

Excitement has hit fever pitch at Frog towers for #Bett_Show can’t wait for you to see our stand & find out what freebies we have #BettChat

Lucie Da Silva  ‏@eSchools_Lucie

@ZU3d Yes you just reminded me! By 4pm each day, most of the eSchools team had almost lost their voice! Throat sweets are vital! #bettchat

Bett‏  @Bett_show

#BettChat tip: Remember that #Bett_Show has a new home @excellondon! Here’s some help to plan your journey in advance http://ow.ly/h1NK4

Pora Ora Ed‏  @PoraOra

Don’t get too magazine/catalogue happy. Our shoulders have never been the same since the Brand Licensing Event! #Bettchat

Smoothwall‏  @Smoothwall

Attend a Learn Live session at take useful tips back to the classroom. http://bit.ly/143usdE #BettChat

Claire Ashton‏  @ClaireAshton

@Bett_show @excellondon Yes, don’t go to Olympia! #BettChat

Smoothwall‏  @Smoothwall

Attend a Learn Live session and take useful tips back to the classroom. http://bit.ly/143usdE #BettChat

Lucie Da Silva‏  @eSchools_Lucie

Don’t rely on hearing your mobile phone if you’ve arranged for a contact – put it somewhere where you’ll feel it vibrate! #bettchat #noisy!

eInstructionApacEmea‏  @eInstruction_uk

We saw a great tip from @terryfreedman – make up/bring some business cards to save filling in loads of contact forms! #BettChat

Capita SIMS‏  @CapitaSIMS

@clarkformaths It does take some getting used to Robyn! Make sure you stop for a nice cup of tea every now and again at #Bett 🙂 #BettChat

Bett‏ @Bett_show

Don’t just follow #Bett_Show – share your thoughts & findings with us & the world using the hash tag too. We would love to hear! #BettChat

Lucie Da Silva‏@eSchools_Lucie

@eInstruction_uk @terryfreedman Lots of people were using stickers with their details on last year, business cards can be lost… #bettchat

eInstructionApacEmea‏  @eInstruction_uk

@eSchools_Lucie Thanks Lucie – that’s a great idea! #BettChat

stephen heppell‏  @stephenheppell

Had fun afternoon playing with ancient comptometers etc #BETTchat folk – wander by the central feature and play too http://www.heppell.net/radio

eSchools‏  @eschoolsuk

#bettchat have a plan for your @Bett_show visit & stick to it. If you have a smart phone follow your planned company/orgs for updates

Zu3D animation‏  @Zu3D

We’ll be tweeting RT @eschoolsuk #bettchat have a plan & stick to it. If you have a smart phone follow your planned company/orgs for updates

eSchools‏  @eschoolsuk

Take a few little energy snacks to @Bett_show it can be a tiring day & you need small regular energy boosts! #BettChat

Claire Ashton‏  @ClaireAshton

@KarenPernyes Small bags are best, less opportunity to fill with brochures! #BettChat

stephen heppell  ‏@stephenheppell

My 3 top tips: yoghurt+honey fab for voice; central feature kids know where best free stuff is; don’t forget Oyster swipe on DLR #BETTchat

Karen Pernyes‏  @KarenPernyes

@ClaireAshton Small bags are good, as long as a shoulder bag & as long as when it’s full, it’s full. Then one in, one out maybe?! #bettchat

eSchools‏  @eschoolsuk

Be sure to pop in & say hi to #eSchools at stand C62 at @Bett_show Guaranteed fun & lots of exciting news to share with you #BettChat

James Northridge‏  @JamesNorthridge

@Bett_show Looking forward to heading over from Ireland, lets hope the snow is gone! #Bett_Show #BettChat

Claire Ashton‏  @ClaireAshton

@KarenPernyes No doubt some stands will be giving away ‘eco-friendly’ bags that visitors can fill with glossy paper! #BettChat

School Improvement‏  @Key_improvement

Find out what other school leaders are doing and share ideas #BettChat #collaboration

Lucie Da Silva  ‏@eSchools_Lucie

Tried wearing heels last year…..my feet have never recovered…. #bettchat

Claire Ashton‏  @ClaireAshton

We have water on our stand, if you get thirsty! #BettChat @CapitaSIMS

Teachit Languages ‏@TeachitLang

#bettchat has some great tips on it! Teachit will be @Bett_Show, come and see us there! #languages #mfl

Lucie Da Silva‏  @eSchools_Lucie

Are the free mugs, pens, usb sticks, badges really worth it? #heavy #bettchat

School Improvement‏  @Key_improvement

Have a chat with researchers from The Key @use_the_key @Key_Curriculum @Key_schoolstaff #BettChat

Lucie Da Silva‏  @eSchools_Lucie

Find out where the toilets are when you get there, you don’t want a mad dash without knowing which direction to go! #bettchat

The Whizz Prof‏  @WhizzProf

Perhaps take photos of the things you see. A visual reminder is often more effective than trying to remember from memory! #BettChat

will789gb‏  @will789gb

#BettChat Is there news on Gove? Will he be there? ICT is fitting in how exactly? Kids with tablets, leave them at home?

eSchools‏  @eschoolsuk

Decide what technology you need to really improve key aspects of your school & visit the companies/orgs that can offer solutions #BettChat

Casio Projectors‏  @CasioProjectors

We’ll be passing this one on to our Casio stand speakers! #BettChat RT “@stephenheppell: …yoghurt+honey fab for voice!”

Bett‏  @Bett_show

Thanks to everyone for a truly fantastic #BettChat filled with tips! We hope some of you can put these to good use for next week. #Bett_Show


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